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A tiger costume is a type of costume designed to resemble a tiger, often worn for Halloween or other costume events. It includes a striped jumpsuit, a hood with tiger ears and a snout, and sometimes even paw gloves and a tail. Some tiger costumes are more realistic and detailed, while others are more cartoonish or playful. Regardless of the style, a tiger costume is a fun and popular choice for kids and adults alike. What are you waiting for, come and choose your favorite styles!

Tiger Costume, 3D Digital Print Jumpsuit

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The Advantages of Owning a High-Quality Tiger Costume

Interesting: Tiger is a cute animal, and wearing a tiger costume can make people feel more funny and cute.


Inclusive: Wearing a tiger costume may bring people closer together, especially children, who may be more likely to approach people wearing tiger costumes.


Increase the sense of security: Some people may think that wearing a tiger costume can make them feel more secure because a tiger is a powerful animal, and wearing a tiger costume may make people feel more powerful.


Create atmosphere: On some special occasions, wearing a tiger suit can create a special atmosphere, such as in zoos, children's playgrounds, etc.


Overall wearing a tiger costume may make people feel more fun and alive.


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How to dress up like Tigger?

A Tigger onesie or orange and black striped shirt and pants

Tigger ears headband or hat

Orange face paint or makeup

Black eyeliner or face paint for whiskers

White gloves or mittens

Black shoes or sneakers

Steps to follow:

Put on the Tigger onesie or orange and black striped shirt and pants.

Wear the Tigger ears headband or hat.

Apply orange face paint or makeup to your face and neck to match Tigger's fur.

Use black eyeliner or face paint to draw whiskers on your cheeks.

Wear white gloves or mittens to resemble Tigger's paws.

Wear black shoes or sneakers to complete the look.

You can also add a tail by attaching a piece of orange fabric to the back of your pants or onesie. Have fun bouncing around like Tigger!

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